Toon Studio at Walt Disney Studios Park

Toon Studio is an attraction at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris developed by Walt Disney Imagineering. The Studio is comprehensively built to not only be a fun park, but also an educative centre where you can get to interact with the Disney characters from some of Disney’s successes. The Land is relatively new, being only six years old, but it is popular enough to see thousands upon thousands of visitors every year. It is in Toon Studio where the world of animation is brought to life. Your imagination is immersed into the fun in the new dimension which appeals to kids of all ages, as well as adults. The Studio was previously named Animation Courtyard, but was revised later when new attractions were incorporated into it. Though a lot more is promised for Toon Studio in the years to come, it is still as exciting right now, with the thrilling ride it offers and the educative lessons one is able to pick up on making Disney animations.

The attractions of Toon Studio are many, and each of them is just as exciting. You can start off with the Flying Carpets over Agrabah. You get on a magic carpet ride in a comfortable carpet that can seat up to four, as you soar across the created skies. The ride is developed to appear as part of a movie set with Genie taking the directors seat and his ‘Action’ cue is what gets the ride going. A viewing stand is included around the edges of the ride where one can take pictures of the carpet ride as it happens. Afterwards, you can proceed to Crush’s Coaster, a thrilling ride based on the wildly successful Finding Nemo. You get into a shell and the ride takes you ‘diving’ into the ocean’s deep through the Great Barrier Reef, past the glowfish, deeper into the Sunken Submarine, then through the East Current and finally ending up on the harbour.

Cars Race Rally or Cars Quatre Roues Rallye is another attraction stationed in the dusty town of Radiator Springs that is reconstructed in the Studio. It’s inspired by the Disney Animation ‘Cars’ and car-shaped vehicles take you through the fun. Conclude the fun at the Toy Story Playland. It makes you part of Andy’s toy collection, and makes you feel miniaturized. Bring a camera because you will want to take many pictures. If you want to learn a thing or two about Disney Animation there are different attractions set up that can help you with just that. They are the Animation Academy, Art of Disney Animation and Animagique. They are interactive, and will teach you a thing or two about animation, and they even allow you to take your work home with you. Besides the attractions, Toon Studio has also a restaurant and shops for making your purchases.

Walt Disney Studio Park provides interactivity, and makes you feel part of the large Disney family. Its studio attractions are pleasing, and provide fun for the entire time that you are there.