Front Lot at Walt Disney Studios Park

Walt Disney Studios Park is a Disney attraction in Paris. It is the second theme park set up in the French Capital after Disneyland Park. Though Walt Disney Studio Park has parks, they are unlike those at Disneyland Park. The studios act as parks, and they are characteristically named studio lots. They provide all the fun, and an insight into what actually happens when an animated movie is being created. It is usually very involving, and each of the studio lots has something fun to teach. The location of Walt Disney Studios Park is right next to Disneyland, so navigation is made easy, since you can tour both in one day. It is a more recent establishment, though it has gained enough popularity to appeal to both adults and kids. The main entrance of the park is Front Lot. Others are Toon Studio, Toy Story Playland, Production Courtyard and the Backlot.

Although it serves as the entrance, Front Lot has a lot to offer and enough to interest you, even before proceeding deeper into the studio park. The first thing you notice about Front Lot is that it is reminiscent of Walt Disney Studios in California, Burbank to be more specific. Of course, you only notice this if you have been in Burbank before. In any case, that is where the inspiration is drawn from. Front Lot has a number of shops and a restaurant as well, should you decide that you want to dine or purchase something prior to exploring the other studios. The shops particularly give you a lot of things to purchase so if you have been loyal to Disney and are familiar with their works, you will be spoilt for choice. An attractive site is the central fountain that is inspired by Fantasia, as it is themed that way. It is placed at the heart of La Place des Freres Lumiere, a tribute to all the hardworking French who invented cinema. The main attraction of Front Lot though is Disney Studio 1.

Disney Studio 1 is the largest attraction in the whole of Walt Disney Studios Park. It is created like a famous street in Hollywood. It doubles up as an attraction as well as a studio where actual shooting takes place. It reminds of a more traditional movie making approach, and this is one of the most interesting things about it. Disney Studio 1 is designed like a walkway, and to access the rest of the park, you have to pass throughout. Not only does this increase its popularity, but also means that it gets the largest number of visitors. As such, there are a restaurant and a shop available in the studio for all those looking to shop and dine.

While the Disneyland Park provides a more direct approach to fun, the Walt Disney Studios Park takes on a different more subtle approach by guiding through the idea of movie and animation creation, and giving fun activities to do in the process. It is a good place to visit if you are visiting Paris.