Frontierland at Disneyland Park

The Wild West is gloriously depicted in many Disney works. The old cowboy life with the dusty saloons, the double-swinging doors of the saloons and the old cowboy boots make us reminiscent of the great West; and with Frontierland in Disneyland Paris, you get a chance to live the old tales and get a piece of the west yourself. In all Disneyland Paris, Frontierland is the largest of all the lands, and this promises you even more fun, and more interaction with a world that is innovatively created to remind you of the Wild West.

Frontierland is home to many attractions, and owing to its large acreage, it is able to have the Rivers of the West running through it. On said rivers, you can take a riverboat on the Molly Brown, or on the Mark Twain. The thrill of the rides is intriguing to say the least. And taking the steady river-ride is just the beginning. Back on land there are all kinds of activities to indulge in. A gold rush is characteristic of the West, and a boomtown is created from that inspiration. Thunder Mesa is the name, and the town, with its woody detail reminding you of the 19th century, and the cowboy life that lived in them ages. Proceed to the Woody Roundup and get up close with Woody, the charming and heroic cowboy from the Toy Story Films. Jesse will be there to great you too.

The West is never complete without the railway mine carts where gold harvesting used to take place. This is replicated with the Big Thunder Mountain which is as glorious as it sounds. It’s a wild ride that combines ecstasy and speed, twisting and turning and essentially providing an adventure that cannot be found anywhere else. You might want to hold on to your cowboy hat in Big Thunder Mountain, because this ride promises to be the wildest that you have ever taken. If you feel like shooting something, the Rustler Roundup Shootin’ Gallery will provide you with all the enjoyment you will ever need. Rattle up your fears with the Phantom Manor. The Doombuggies will guide you through a haunting track that is not only scary but entertaining at the same time. Finish the day with a bite at the Lucky Nugget Saloon or any of the other restaurants at Frontierland, such as Last Chance Café. There are shops too, should you want to carry a souvenir or make any other western-inspired purchase.

During the Halloween season, the land is converted to Halloweenland with scary creations being erected throughout the entire length of the land. It promises to be scary fun, and the best place to spend in Paris in October.

Disneyland Park in Paris is a major attraction, and that means Frontierland is always a buzz with activity. Arriving early means shorter lines, and more time having fun. It’s the place where the great Disney legends live, and the fun it houses for you is too much for just one day.