Fantasyland at Disneyland Park

Disneyland Paris is the place to be when you want to have all the Disney fun while in the french capital. Fantasyland opened 20 years ago; it takes the theme of a fairy tale and promises to provide more fun than any other fun park in the great city. Previously known as Euro Disneyland, Disneyland Park is the biggest theme park in Europe, and among the most visited in the world. With a land area of 140 acres, it is big enough to have Fantasyland, Discoveryland, Frontierland and an Adventureland. Each of these present something different, promising a unique kind of fun for your children and you.

In Fantasyland you get a chance to discover the fairytales that have been told over the years and become a part with the interactive attractions that have been set up just for them. The entertainment galore is guaranteed to turn every frown upside down. Enter Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant, or the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and live out the fantasy. The castle is a real life replica of the well known one in the cartoon. It has a dungeon, and a balcony with an animatronic dragon brings realism into the Castle. Journey with Pinocchio in Pinocchio’s daring journey and let the thrills of the dark ride take you away. Afterwards, join Peter Pan in Peter Pan’s Flight. The suspension ride will make you feel truly airborne, and the music and artwork will make you part of the story. Celebrate the first animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by taking the Snow White Scary Adventure’s ride. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups provides a whirl that gets you spinning, and Alice’s Curious Labyrinth will test your wits as you try to find your way out.

Fantasyland is the place where dreams come true, it’s the place where you become happy with a lot of attractions that the Land offers. it is just a theme park, of course, but it gets you into the heart of the stories that you grew up with, or your kids are growing up with, and the magical reminiscence that it gives you is worth a couple of visits. The ferris wheel or Les Pirouettes du Viuex Moulin’ was based on the Disney Classic, The Old Mill. Though it does not work, it was quite an attraction, and it is still present and basking in the glory of its afterlife.

Fantasyland is not all about doing activities and getting entertained. There are shops where you can get your favourite Disney souvenirs and other collectibles. There are different restaurants to serve to the visitors that come to the area, and they are about eight of them. They are themed, and in perspective, L’Auberge de Cendrillon is themed liked Cinderella.

Because it’s such a buzz with tourist activity, it’s always best to arrive at Fantasyland early enough and go right to the attraction that pleases you most. The queues are shorter so you get to spend more time living the fantasy of your favourite Disney characters.