Paris Churches

Paris is a wealth of medieval architecture, and this is best reflected in the many churches that have been built following the gothic styles that were very famous during those early years. Religion was a serious thing back in the medieval ages, and people often ran to their deity when all seemed lost. This is perhaps what inspired the creation of the monumental churches that are found throughout every arrondissement in the great city of Paris. Not only have the churches overcome the test of time and still stand with their beauty nowadays, centuries after their were built, but they also display a time when medieval architectural creativity was at its best. Even more impressive is the fact that there were technical limitations at the time, and so the building process was taxing to say the least.

The churches in Paris are too many to mention, each having displaying its own unique design, and telling a different story to the world. However, there are the churches that have come to gain greater recognition not only by Parisians themselves, but even by the tourists that flock in them with every passing year. A great example is the Cathedral de Notre-Dame de Paris, also known as the Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s a colossal structure made in the gothic style, and boasting a greater population of tourists than even the iconic Eiffel Tower. Completed in the 12th century, the Notre Dame Cathedral underwent some trying centuries, experiencing neglect and vandalism, especially during the height of the French Revolution. But it was recovered in the 19th century and made even more famous by Victor Hugo with his successful penning of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It is still in use today as a religious place, though organized tours are held for the tourists interested in getting up close with it.

Le Sainte-Chapelle is another great church in Paris, built with the architectural consistency of medieval churches, but having a different design, albeit it is described as gothic. The church displays some of the best conceived work of stained glass. The windows are awe-inspiring, and abound with colour on a bright sunny day. They are the most remarkable feature of the church, and they have a story to tell as the more you look at them, the more you learn.

The Eglise Sainte-Marie-Madeleine or the Church of the Madeleine is characterized by the magnificent Greek Columns that stand in the entrance, as well as the large bronze doors that are reminiscent of the Ten Commandments. The Sacre-Coeur Basilica found on the hill of Montmartre is one of the younger churches, and provides a scenic view from its bell tower. The Eglise de St Eustache, named after the Saint, is commonly known as the market cathedral. Its gothic style is accentuated by the Renaissance décor. The Panthéon was a church in the past, now it is a a fabulous monument dedicated to the Patron Saint of Paris; St Genevieve is another famous Paris church, that abounds with marble statues and paintings.

Most tourists put Paris churches on top of their places to go. Even if you are not after the history that they offer, said churches are uniquely constructed and in a style that never ceases to inspire and seduce.