Discoveryland at Disneyland Park

Over time it became increasingly difficult to keep up with ever advancing technology and Tomorrowland soon became a problem. It didn't take long for Tomorrowland to become outdated, it turned in to Todayland, and then finally referred to as Yesturdayland. As a solution to this ongoing problem, Disneyland Paris created Discoveryland. The only way for Tommorowland to remain true to its reputation one seemingly simple but actually cumbersome requirement would be needed; it would need to be updated every five years. That was actually an insurmountable obstacle. Hence, the Walt Disney Imagineers began construction of Discoveryland in 1992.

Rather than following the concept of Tomorrowland, the new Discoveryland follows a "return to the past" concept that has worked much better in terms of construction and keeping the theme up to date. The concept of Discoveryland was largely built upon the concept created by the minds of some of the most brilliant and influential men in history, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells. Discoveryland attempts to replicate the ideas each of these men are famous for. The biggest influence in Discoveryland is Jules Verne's book “From the Earth to the Moon”; this book is the foundation for the Space Mountain Concept known for shooting guests from a cannon into outer space- just like the book. Furthermore, Les Mystères du Nautilus is inspired by 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. (A book also written by Jules Verne) This attraction is best known for allowing visitors to walk through a recreated version of Captain Nemo's submarine that originated from the 1954 Disney movie based on the book.

In 1994 the outdated Tomorrowland underwent major renovation and was on its way to becoming themed to show retro-futuristic space themes similar to those found in comic books. Finally Tomorrowland was closed for good in 1998 to finalize renovation and reopen later that year to become a new Tomorrowland that was very close to Disneyland Paris' new Discoveryland. The new Tomorrowland was created in color scheme of fall colors of browns, gold's, bronzes, and greens but it was repainted in 2005 to reveal a more monochromatic color scheme of blue, silver, and white to closer match the similar park found in the Magic Kingdom.

The new Discoveryland was a major hit and continues to be popular as it was created with beautiful architecture that is often described as amazing and creative. It is home to a submarine, Iron Girders, giant pavilions, airships, and a large number of canons. Many visitors, both children and adults, describe Discoveryland as comfortable and as a place they wish to spend a great deal of time in. It seems they enjoy just hanging out.

The Disneyland Imagineers did their best to recreate the Discoveryland concept in Disneyland California and Magic Kingdom in Florida. Although they have been fortunate enough to find success with these recreations, the most successful is the atmosphere originally created in Disneyland Paris. Discoveryland is set back from the main hub with volcanic rocks shooting towards what is to be perceived as the future.