Hotels in Paris

Arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Europe, Paris is always a buzz with tourist activity. It has an array of monuments to offer, from gothic masterpieces such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame to Neo-classical architecture depicted in Le Madeleine. It has many beautiful gardens and parks, each of which has something unique to offer. Disneyland Paris means you can bring your kids as you come to the city as it abounds in fun activities that any child is guaranteed to love. But to be able to soak up everything that the great French capital offers, you need to find somewhere to stay.

For a city that is a tourist hub, Paris has more hotels than one can be able to count. They come in different classes, and choosing one will not only depend on what your tastes are and your expectations, but also the much you are willing to spend. There are many hotels in Paris that stay true to the architectural consistency that Paris is known for, such as Hotel Ritz which exhibits classical architecture. The hotels are distributed throughout the city, so you could use that criterion to decide where you want to stay. A good example is Hotel Westminster Paris which is in close proximity to the city’s airport. Warwick Hotel is centrally located so you get access to many pivotal tourist sites such as Place de la Bastille and the Tuileries.

Hotels in Paris are ranked so this could help find you a hotel when you cant think of any other way to decide. Most of them lie between 2 to 4 star ratings, and the choice is something you can benefit from. 5 star hotels in Paris are rare, though you still get a choice of about 25 to choose from. While location and ranking are some of the solid guides to choosing the best hotel for you, you also need to think about the much that you are going to spend. Being a city that attracts people from across the world, it is hard to find a budget hotel. That being said, it is possible to find one that charges as low as $200 a night. Then again, this depends on the kind of room that you are going for in the first place. In any case, Hotel du Pantheon and Terras Hotel in Montremarte are some of the many choices you can explore. If you have a knack for the finest and are willing to pay for the best, hotels such as Hotel de Crillon and Hotel de Vendome are just for you. They will provide you with all the luxury in the world, with an appropriate price to match.

The hotel industry in Paris is very developed, and one would not expect anything less. Average prices offered are usually for the night, and reservations are encouraged in most, if not all of them. Advanced planning is important when going to Paris as the abundance of choice is easily confusing.