Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris includes: two theme parks, seven hotels, retail establishments, and a dining and entertainment district. This theme park is the first to be owned and operated by Disney although it is the second Disney resort located outside of The United States. It has been open for business since April 12, 1992. Disneyland Paris, coupled with Walt Disney Studios Park as the second theme park, has a combined number of visitors totaling more than 15 million each year. Since 2009, it has become Both France's and Europe's most visited tourist attraction.

Following the success of the Disneyland theme park in Florida and Tokyo Disneyland, there was notable reason for continued expansion of the Disneyland Franchise worldwide. After mulling over the situation for some time, the possibilities were finally narrowed down to two nations; France and Spain. Since the economic possibilities of a Disney theme park were undeniable, the competitions between both nations began. Despite the competitive financial deals offered by Spain, the fact remained that the climate and landscape in France made this nation the best choice. The final decision to build a new theme park in France was made on December 18, 1985. The rural town of Marne-la-Vallée was decided upon based on its proximity to Paris and the accessibility of the park to more than 368 million people.

The construction budget was a whopping $2.3 billion with the finished project covering more than 138 acres. The branding of Disneyland Paris keeps with the Magic Kingdom theme much like the other Disneyland theme parks. The park layout is closely related to both layouts in the Anaheim, California Walt Disney World and Tokyo's Disney Park. There is little chance of anyone who has visited either of those theme parks to feel out of place in Disneyland Paris. However, one major difference is the cooler weather than what is found at the other closely related parks.

Much of what is available in Disneyland Paris is similar to the attractions available at the other Disney Theme parks. But since the construction of Disneyland Paris is newer and more modern, most of the attractions are known to run faster. Space Mountain and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster located in France are more refined, more modern versions of the original. Additionally, The Paris Version of Disneyland is also known to have some attractions not found at the original Walt Disney World. Some of these new attractions include Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. Of course these attractions will soon make their way to the park's counterparts also; it may be named differently however.

Although the Disneyland theme parks are similar in layout and attractions there are still some differences between parks. The biggest differences are the naming of the rides. Space Mountain is named De la Terre à la Lune ("From the Earth to the Moon") in the France theme park and Cinderella's Golden Carousel in Walt Disney World is referred to as Lancelot's Merry-Go Round. However, all theme parks include Adventrureland, Fronterierland, as well as other notable, famous areas of the park.