Tour Jean-sans-Peur

John, the Duke of Burgundy, or John the Fearless as he is often referred to, was a famous figure back in the medieval ages when wars ensued and modern civilization was still many centuries away. He created alliances and led wars, and coupled with the conflicts that arose with some of his members of kin, and enemies were created as a result. As a means of seeking refuge when he had nowhere else to go, he built the Tour Jean-sans-Peur, a fortress solely for his protection in the period starting in 1409 and ending in 1411. It was built to protect him until he met his death in 1419. After the many centuries that passed, the fortified building he built over his hotel still stands, and is reminiscent of medieval architecture. It is concluded that the inspiration behind it was a military one. Now defined as a monument, the Tour Jean Sans Peur is one of the unlikely places to visit when in the 2nd arrondissement in Paris. Though it is in use by elementary school children, its original work has not been tainted, and it is one of the rare attractions that date back to 600 years.

There are a few things about the architecture of the Tour Jean Sans Peur. Access to the top floor is through a spiral staircase. An ancient design by all means, it is believed that John, the Duke of Burgundy, drew some of the inspiration for it from the Louvre. The stairwell incorporates natural plants such as oaks, so it is not all metal and stone. The overall architectural design of the Tour Jean Sans Peur can be described as gothic. It is a style that inspired the creation of many buildings during the ages, and among others, Notre Dame followed it.

There aren't many structures that have been able to survive such lengthy periods of time without coming apart, and this is what makes the Tour Jean Sans Peur an outstanding piece of work. Though it does not give as much as other monuments do, it does represent a sturdy monument that, in the face of a war lasting a hundred years, managed to outlive its builders for over 6 centuries.

Tours of the Tour Jean Sans Peur are offered. While those with a knack for medieval architecture stand to gain the most from it, the guided tours offer much learning opportunity for those studying French history, and entertainment for kids who like climbing. The integrity of the staircase still remains and it is not unusual to find kids playfully climbing it. The monument does not rise to a great height, so it does not provide a satisfactorily breathtaking sight. It does give a bird’s view which is equally satisfying.

The Tour Jean Sans Peur does have its riches from the medieval ages. The interior décor reminiscent of the time is preserved as well as the history. The museum helps complement on the observable features that the fortress has to show.