Place des Vosges

The city of Paris is renowned for its beauty, which is not only manifested by its tall sky scrapers, The Eiffel Tower and green parks and gardens, but also by the monuments and structures that have stood for many centuries. A fine example is the Place des Vosges. An architectural masterpiece built in a true square, the Place des Vosges dates back to early 1600s when King Henri IV decided he wanted it built. A project that took about 8 years to complete, the Place des Vosges has a long history of name changes. The site where the building stands was first occupied by the Hotel de Tournelles. It was a royal residency, but after King Henry II succumbed to some injuries at the place, it was torn down. It’s upon its remains that the Place des Vosges arose, and took the name Place Royale; it was so until the early 1800s, when Napoleon renamed it to Place des Vosges. It was shortly renamed thereafter but the name Napoleon gave it stuck, till this very day. The Place des Vosges is adorned in a lot of history and it is an attractive place to visit, having even arcades with shops and cafés. The park itself is green and one of the good places to spend a slow Paris afternoon.

One of the most noticeable things about the Place des Vosges is its architectural consistency. All the buildings are built with red brick, with roofing made of blue slate roofs, though the north exhibits some minor diversion from the pattern. It was King Henry IV’s mandate to have the royal planning, and this is something modern architects appreciate even today. There have been many famous residents in the Place des Vosges. A fine example is Victor Hugo, the famous author credited for the writing of Hunchback of Notre Dame. His house, the Maison De Victor Hugo, has been turned into a museum as a tribute to the great French author and playwright.

A visit to the Place des Vosges promises to be rewarding. The park located in the heart of the square provides a serene area for relaxation. There are galleries which display fine art, some of which is for sale at an appropriately high price, together with different kinds of restaurants for quick meals or for fine dining. You also get treated to some classical music which is played for the masses that gather. The place exudes of royalty refined in the past centuries. The perimeter along the arches provides a comfortable place to take a stroll in a charming place beside the Place des Vosges. There is also an opera house available, and since the venue is exclusive to say the least, the ticket prices are usually quite expensive.

The Place des Vosges is one of Paris’ examples of reserved traditional incorporated into a modern world. It is one of the places you can visit in Paris and get that feeling of having really travelled, owing to the many interesting things and places to see.