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Cookies are small text files designed to store information that can be exchanged between a website and the browser of its visitors, where the term browser refers to the navigation tool of users on the web (e.g. Mozilla Firefox).
This website installs technical cookies on the terminals of its visitors for which no permission is required, specifically session cookies that are needed to remember the user during his browsing. The website also conveys third party cookies, for which the visitor can, at any time, deny permission, or give it again after denying it, following the instructions of the third parties themselves, or by setting his browser for the purpose; some of these third party cookies could profile, i.e. they could be used by third parties to create profiles of visitors while they are surfing the web, especially to show them advertising messages as much as possible of interest to them.

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This website works optimally with all cookies in place, but it is possible to obtain more information and deny the consent of third party profiling cookies by reading the instructions on their official websites.

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