paris Paris isn't just a city, it isn't only the capital of France, Paris is beauty, is magic, is love and romance, it is a dream under the light of the sun, perhaps it is the most beautiful city in the world, but for sure it is the most visited city in the world, a city that enters in the hearts of people who have visited it and that leaves there an ineraseable sign which will last for their remaing life.

When you go to Paris, you are not only doing a trip to a shining city to see its marvellous monuments, its charming parks and its lovely streets, so full of life and of ancient story, but you are travelling to a long dream, to a unbelievable show of lights, in such an unforgettable way that you will desire, in future, to visit Paris again and again. Thinking about the Champs-Élysées helps to understand why Paris is called La Ville-Lumière, The City of Light which had inspired a lot of artists, Parisiens and foreigners.

Let consider that the touristic attractions in Paris are not only excellent examples of art, but that they are a huge collection, a numerically high amount of adorable items so rich of history and magic; for example, let consider that Paris and the Île-de-France region contain about 3800 historical monuments.

After that you have visited Paris for the first time, you will want to return soon, but not only: you would like to live there, in a city which offers everything that one could desire by a city; as a matter of fact, the British review Monocle has included Paris in the list of the top ten most liveable cities in all the world.

Paris is located near one of the most famous rivers of the words, the Seine river, in the northern zone of France, exactly in the region of the Île-de-France.

Travel to Paris is very simple because the city is connected very well with the most important cities of the world. It is even very simple to move from a zone to another of the city because Paris has an excellent transportation structure, with a Métro and a RER which connect most places and attractions of the city, and that is able to make move a huge amount of people, a very important thing considering that its population consists of more than 2 millions inhabitants and that in the city there are other 42 million tourists per year.

Reaching Paris is particulary simple using flights, and it is also very cheap in particular periods of the year and when travel companies make great offers with cheap flight airfares.

Living or spend holidays in the the Illuminated City of Paris could be expensive if you don't know cheap places where to stay and where to eat. Let consider that there are about 2000 hotels in Paris among which choosing the best one suiting the personal needs.

The city of Paris is organized in 20 arrondissements, which represent a division of the city in districts at a municipality level, and it should be not too difficult to find the best accommodation solution, even considering the zones where there are the favourite touristic attractions that will be visited during the vacation.

Paris is a great center of business, other than a cultural place so full of arts and history, so great for tourism, with very few rivals in all the world. Paris is the queen for fashion, for entertainment, for education and for science. Even from a politic and from an economic point of view Paris is one of the best cities in the world, with its powerful influence in the European Union. In Paris there are various business and financial districts with great importance in Europe, like that of La Défense.

It's since a lot of time that Paris has been involved in Universal Expositions, the most important of which were the exposition of 1889, in occasion of which Paris was enriched with the Eiffel Tower, the tallest building of the world until 1930, and the exposition of 1900, for which the first Paris Métro line was built, the Line 1.

Let even consider Paris as a center of international structures and organizations with world-wide relevance, like the headquarters of the UNESCO, that has certified for Paris four World Heritage Sites, and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

The history of Paris is so great and envied in the world because the city has been developed in so much periods, starting from the 4200 BC, and there are important storical evidences, in 250 BC, of the Parisii, which were a sub-tribe of the Celtic Senones, and who lived in the nowadays considered Old City of Paris near the Seine river, before the conquest of the settlement by the Romans, in 52 BC. Lutetia was the name of the Gallo-Roman town from which Paris will be arised, after centuries of expansion and wars.

The best periods of prosperity for Paris were during the Industrial Revolution, when the city was equipped with a very useful network of railways, and during the Napoleon's Second Empire, when Napoleon III had care of the development of Paris to transform it in a modern city, more beautiful and attractive, assigning to Baron Haussmann the task of redesigning the urban structure of the city, expanding the old medieval streets in favour of wide avenues and introducing the use of marvellous stone buildings with neoclassical façades.

The urban transformation of Paris was made not only for aesthetic reasons, but even for applicative reasons in a period of wars, in which the movement in wide spaces of troops and artillery was very important.

Paris is the city of the most important artists and scientists in the world, with famous names like Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Édouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Michel Foucault, Louis Pasteur and Paul Cézanne.

For the tourists who have just visited Paris different times and who would like to visit other interesting places near it, there must be considered that Paris includes two islands, the Île de la Cité and the Île Saint-Louis, which are worthy of a visit, and that near Paris there are lovely things to visit like Versailles, La Défense and the Stade de France. Moreover, near Paris there is Disneyland Paris, one of the best thematic entertainment parks in Europe, not only for children, where the joy and the fun are assured.

Even the climate is very nice in Paris and could give people another reason to make a trip in this charming city, a pleasant weather, usually with mild, moderately wet days and fresh nights, in particular, during the spring and the autumn seasons; during the summer period the air is warm and pleasant, and the typical temperatures range between 15° C and 25° C, while during the winter period the air is cold with average temperatures of 7° C.